CTBA - Central Texas Proud

About Us

The CTBA was formed to establish fair and equal guidelines for all competitive BBQ cooks who insist on well-run and organized barbeque cook-offs. The Central Texas Barbeque Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting barbeque - barbeque cooking, Bar-B-Que contest, B-B-Q eating, BBQ whatever - and having a good time while doing so. No matter how you spell "BARBEQUE" it is the hottest thing going. The CTBA was founded in 1992 with 10 members and grew to over 100 in less than a year.

The CTBA promotes barbeque by assisting civic and charitable organizations in conducting barbeque contests. For the contestants, the CTBA offers standardized rules and regulations, and the knowledge that the contest will be fairly judged. For the contest organizers, the CTBA offers free promotional listings in the CTBA newsletter, mailing lists, contest forms, checklists, a fair and equal judging system and an actual living, breathing head judge to help on the day of the event. Having officiated such contests, CTBA personnel lend a wealth of expertise in conducting these events.

CTBA has end-of-year awards for its members making them eligible for additional prize monies and trophies. "End-of-Year" awards are awarded to the top 15 cooking teams based on a cumulative point system. Cooking teams may begin accumulating points after at least one team member current year’s CTBA dues have been paid. Any one team can accumulate points towards the End-of-Year awards from only one CTBA sanctioned cook-off on any one day. Points awarded by placing in the top ten in brisket, chicken and pork rib categories will be added together and accumulated in an overall category. In addition a team will have five points added for each CTBA sanctioned cook-off in which they participate. If any team member head judges a cook-off, and his team is not cooking, his team will be awarded ten points for his participation. Standings will be published in "Q" news in the June, September and November issue.